Yard Landscaping Tips for the Wintertime

As winter approaches, you have to prepare your garden for cold weather and although the snow and the wind will keep you inside, you still have to take care of your yard. Even though you may think winter is not compatible with landscaping, you will be surprised to find out how many plants last through winter and how many ways there are to beautify your yard. Taking care of your yard during winter will assure a blooming garden in spring, so apply these yard landscaping tips for the wintertime and enjoy a neat and beautiful yard all year long.

Remove the excess snow that covers your yard

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your yard during winter is that it is covered in snow, so this is the first aspect you have to take care of. A yard covered in drifts of snow is neither attractive nor comfortable to walk through, and shoveling the snow is not a good idea especially if you worry about your back. Therefore, the snow blower is the most reliable help you can get in removing the snow from your yard. This powerful device crushes the thick layer of snow, collects it with its powerful auger and throws it away through a chute, so you don’t have to worry about the remaining snow. In case you don’t own a snow blower, but you are interested in purchasing one, we recommend visiting the snowblowers.reviews website, where you will find good reviews that will help you decide on the right snowblower for your yard.

Decorate your yard with a variety of winter plants

Although it’s wintertime, you can still have plants to improve the aspect of your yard and to add color and texture, so fill your yard with winter plants that will last in the cold. The best winter plants are the evergreens that will provide color and sculptural beauty to the landscape with their strong green shades. You can either opt for eye-catching pine trees that you can even decorate for Christmas, or you can create shapes of hedgerows that you can masterly trim using a hedge trimmer.

Besides the evergreens, you can also opt for Coral bark Japanese maple or a Japanese flowering cherry that will enhance the view with their colorful bark. The intricate color patterns of the Crape myrtle or the Chinese lacebark elm can be the centerpiece of your winter yard.
Winter shrubs are another great way to infuse colors into your garden landscape. Since it is festivities’ time, you can include hollies in the winter décor and the variegated holly will surely stand out with its evergreen leaves and the brightly colored berries. You can also plant winterberry hollies and you can use them in winter floral arrangements.