Useful Tips to Master the Art of Embroidery

Even though machine embroidery is not an easy task, the reason why so many people abandon this skill is because they do not give it enough time to get used to their machine and learn how to make use of all its features. You can visit this site for ratings to find out what are the best embroidery sewing machines and follow the next tips in order to become an embroidery expert:

Master your machine

Before you can understand the art of embroidery, you need to learn how to use your machine properly. Learn which foot is the proper one to use and hot to attach it to your machine, how to select and upload the designs, how to thread the machine and how to attach the embroidery unit to the machine. Read the instructions manual because you will always find there a few useful tips that will make your life easier and enable you to understand your machine better. You cannot learn how to embroider and how to use the sewing machine at the same time, so you first need to handle this task.


Start small

The most common mistake make by beginners is starting with a project that is much too complicated for them. You should always start with something small and simple. Lettering is one of the easiest options and the perfect way to get acquainted with the sewing machine. There are other small projects that you can undertake, but do not try something too big from the first try, because you will only end up disappointed.


Use the proper needle for the job

The main difference between advanced users and beginners is that an advanced user will understand the importance of using the right needle for the job while a beginner will think that any needle will do. You know you have the right needle when it goes through the thread without damaging it and when it does not flex too much when it enters the thread. The smaller the needle, the more accurate the stitch will be, but if the needle is too fine, it might cause friction against the fabric and thus you may not obtain a perfect result. When it comes to choosing the needle if you are embroidering linen or canvas it is best to choose a blunt needle while when using woven fabric, pointy needles work best.


If possible, take an embroidery class

While you can certainly learn on your own, you will learn much faster under the guidance of an expert. In addition, during classes you will be able to ask all the questions that you have and you will be able to avoid some of the errors that you are bound to make as a beginner.


Once you get the hang of things, you will start to enjoy the time you spend embroidering and take more complex projects. Even if there are no embroidery classes where you live, you will still find a tone of tutorials online, so be sure to do your research thoroughly and you will become an embroidery expert in no time!