Tips for Planting a Lawn from Seed

Seeding a lawn is not complicated at all and can be done successfully by anyone. The only thing you need to do is to follow some steps in order to get a beautiful lawn. First of all,remember that you need quality grass seed,well-prepared soil and a little bit of patience. Here are some tips for planting a lawn from seed.

Choose the seeds

You must be very careful when choosing the grass. There are a few aspects you must think about and those would be:

•The type of lawn you want to have;

• The growing conditions;

•The budget you have;

•The location (in shady locations, you need a special type of grass);

•Your lifestyle (whether or not you have time to water and mow it);

•Will the lawn be used only by pets or will it get a lot of foot traffic?

Test the soil

This is optional. You can analyze your soil using a special kit. What you will learn when doing this test is what you will need to use for improving your soil, in terms of nutrients and amendments.

Prepare the soil

After you have laid the area where you want to plant the lawn, take a walk around and notice if you have to remove rocks or debris and do not forget to fill in low spots. In case the soil is compacted, then you have to work it over with a tiller. Now it’s time to improve your soil quality, if you want to do that, using different nutrients and amendments.

Seed and feed on the same day

It is up to you which one goes first, the seed or the lawn food, but remember to use a rotary spreader or a drop. Just follow the settings on the packages. You should ”feed” your lawn the same day to give the grass seedlings a head start.

Cover up

Check if the seeds and the fertilizer are laid down and after that just cover up the seeds with quarter inch of dirt.


Carefully apply just enough water to wet the soil down to 6,7 inches and make sure you don’t create puddles or wash the seeds away.


You have to mow your lawn frequently,but make sure you don’t cut it too short, otherwise the weeds can sneak it. Choose a lawn mower suitable for the terrain in your yard. For small yards with leveled terrains, go for an electric snow blower as it is easier to use, more economical and more environmentally friendly.