Tips for Building and Maintaining a Garden Pond

There is something about water that relaxes us and makes us feel peaceful and very calm. That’s why water features are becoming common additions to gardens these days. After all,water is the very stuff of life .Adding a water feature will give your your outdoor space a touch of beauty and tranquility.

Garden water features

A water feature can be any size, and it can be made of any number of materials,such as stone,resin,glass,stainless steel and granite. Most of them are electronically controlled nowadays,but in the past the power source was a steam engine .Modern water features are typically self contained and that means they do not require an external water plumbing.

The maintenance of a water feature

After you have decided to dive into the world of water gardening ,you are now probably wondering what you have to do to maintain your new aquatic beauty.

Cleaning the filters

This can be done by hand or by using the cleaning pump.

Draining the pond

You must place the cleaning pump in the deepest point of the pond,in order to drain the water.You can also fill up the pool using some of the pond water,in case you have fish. Once the water is low enough,you can remove the fish using some of the pond water to fill up the holding pool.

Ecosystem ponds

Obviously you want to keep an all-natural water garden and you must follow some steps in order to obtain that. There are five elements that create balance in an aquatic ecosystem:
-Aquatic plants
-Rocks and gravel
-Pumps and plumbing
-Mechanical and biological filters
If you really want the system to work,then all these elements must be present.

The water level

A little evaporation can take place and the amount of water loss depends on waterfall height,stream length,the amount of sunlight that the pond receives and also the temperature of the region you live in.
When the temperature is high,the small ponds will need a weekly refill.

Spring Maintenance

The best time to clean out your pond is early Spring. If this cleaning is done when the water is warm,after bacteria colonies form,the balance of the ecosystem will be thrown off, and your pond will go through another ”green phase”before the bacteria colonies will re-establish themselves again.

Fall and Winter Maintenance

The water is clear most of the time during the fall,because of the cooler temperatures and the full lush plants.
There might be a lot of yellow leaves at this time of the year,so prune them off all of your plants.
When it is cold,you must stop fertilizing.
You will probably need to empty the debris net,nearly every day,to keep up with the influx of leaves.
You can add activated carbon to clear the water and remove the excess debris in case you leave too much organic matter in the pond and the water turns brown.
If you want to shut the pond off,first you have to unplug the pump and pull it out of the water.
It is up to you if you want to shut it off or keep it running. If you decide to keep it running,then you have to make sure an ice dam does not form,otherwise the basin will run out of water. Also,you will need to replace the water loss,so the pump can continue to function properly.