The Most Beautiful Fall Garden Flowers

Although fall is the season when flowers whiter, the leaves fall from the trees and the plants lose their vibrant green, you can still enjoy a beautiful garden filled with flowers. There are many flowers that thrive in autumn and add delicacy, color and beauty to your garden during rainy days of autumn. The fall flowers will bloom in tones that will match the season, like deep purple, rust or gold, so don’t hesitate to enrich your garden with these shades. Here are some of the most beautiful fall garden flowers that you can use to decorate your garden.

Aster novi-belgii or the Michaelmas Daisy

This flower that looks like a daisy will dress your garden in shades of pink, blue, purple and white. The blossoms start to open in late August and won’t stop until frost, so you will enjoy their beauty for a very long time. If you pinch them in the early summer, the flowers will become mounds that will decorate the garden and although they tend to spread very much, they will blend well with other flowers.

The Chrysanthemum

This is one of the most popular fall garden flowers and it is commonly seen in gardens because it is not hard to grow. When most summer flowers begin to fade, this jewel-toned beauty starts to show its wonderful colors from early September to late October. There are many types of chrysanthemum that come in a variety of colors except blue and the most common types are the Anemone and the Pompom.

The Toad Lily

Toad lilies are perfect for summer as they prefer shade and moist soil that gets plenty of water. These fall garden flowers can turn even the shadiest garden into a beautiful place with their orchid-like flowers that last from late summer to mid-fall.

Helianthus or the Perennial Sunflower

These fall garden flowers are related to the famous annual sunflower but are longer lasting and more abundant in blossoms. They look like small yellow and gold fluffy daisies that grow in large bushes, they are tough plants and can be planted in any type of soil.

The Helenium

Because their flowers are very small, these beautiful fall garden flowers haven’t received the attention they deserved but are now starting to gain popularity. This type of plant is planted in early fall and it will not bloom until late fall, but the wait is worth it. You will enjoy a variety of colors that will turn your garden into a joyful place.