The ins and outs of teak outdoor furniture

Picking outdoor furniture for your patio, pool or garden can be fun, but before you can experiment with all the colors, patterns and models available in showrooms and online, you need to be practical and think about the things that can make you save money and ensure furniture sustainability. Materials are extremely important, not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of practicality. In terms of luxury outdoor furniture, teak is by far the most recommended option, because it is low maintenance, value for money, looks amazing and lasts for years. If you don’t know too much about this material or it’s your first time refurnishing a patio, here is what you need to know about teak and its features.

How much does teak furniture cost?

Compared to other materials, teak is considerably more expensive and that is why it is commonly associated with luxury patio furniture. However, the higher price tag is worth it because it lasts for decades without losing its shine and requires little to no maintenance. This material is a wise investment, but if you know that you will be moving out soon or you’re simply the type who gets bored of furniture quickly and likes to redecorate every season, then you can consider other materials with a shorter lifespan, such as hardwood or synthetic materials.

FSC-certified teak – a sustainable choice

Before you buy your favorite furniture item, don’t forget to ask the supplier if it is made from environmentally friendly, ethically sourced teak. Not many homeowners know this, but the excessive and irresponsible harvesting of teak in Asia has led to heavy deforestation. To help the environment, buy only from companies that sell FSC-certified teak furniture. This is made only from steak harvested on plantations that do not damage the ecosystem or local communities in developing countries.

Teak furniture finishes

Teak furniture is available in three standard finishes, each one having its own unique appeal and beauty. Natural or unfinished teak is not treated with any substances, so its golden color will fade in time, slowly turning into grey. If you don’t to wait for a few months to get this look, then you can buy teak furniture that has been preweathered. The third option is sealed teak furniture. This is treated with special substances that seal the golden color and prevent it from fading. However, remember that this effect is not permanent and to keep your furniture looking good as new you need to invest in special cleansing solutions.

Is teak furniture difficult to clean?

Fortunately, teak furniture is almost maintenance free, so if you don’t have the time or patience for cleaning, this is definitely the best option for you. You only need to clean teak once a year and even then you will not need special cleansing solutions. Unless your furniture item has been scratched and damaged (in which case it’s best to contact the seller for repairs), a soft cloth soaked in diluted detergent will do the trick.