The babysitter checklist: top three aspects worth considering


No matter how much you love your son or daughter, there are times when you feel as if you need a break. There are at times when you just want to relax and forget all about worries, meals, changing diapers, picking up toys every half hour. You want time for yourself, for your partner and friends and you want to be surrounded by adults with interesting, funny stories to tell. To enjoy that free, personal time, you need the help of a babysitter. Although not all parents feel comfortable to contact one of the nanny agencies London based, you should know that if you take the time to consider several aspects, you should have no problems with the babysitter. In fact, you will have only to gain. So, here are three of them, just to make it simpler for you.


Even though you think that this is a broad term, patience is absolutely essential for all babysitters. If they lack in this characteristic, they have only to lose, because children and their seemingly endless energy stock will drain them of theirs. Patience is crucial with children, especially when you are dealing with your own. Babysitters need to take their time, warm up to children and become their friends. Their job is not to replace parents, but to impose themselves as an authority figure.

Positive client feedback

You might have stumbled upon news and pieces of information regarding the lack of professionalism or better said, total unprofessionalism of some nannies. Try not to make a rule and think ahead that nannies are all untrustworthy. Asking for references before hiring the babysitter  is a necessary step and you will have much to gain. You will be able to convince yourself that the nanny who will be spending time with your child is professional and can be relied upon to teach your son or daughter helpful things.

Relevant studies

Being a nanny is a solid profession, make no mistake about it. Any respectable babysitter will pass through an adequately structured training period. Throughout this time, the nanny will learn how to maintain the child’s attention, to entertain him or her and most importantly how to discipline your son or daughter. All these are valuable lessons, so, when choosing the right babysitter, look at the trainings she has completed. These will tell you a lot about her capacities of adequately taking care of children.

Deciding on a suitable babysitter is not at all complicated, not if you consider the aspects mentioned above and several others you might think are appropriate for your needs.