Spring Gardening

Now that Spring is finally here, you can start reflecting on the theme of your garden and decide on what plants and flowers you wish to plant. If you are one of those gardeners who likes to provide the utmost care to their garden regardless of season, get inspired from these simple spring gardening ideas and start gardening right away.

Get rid of unwanted vegetation

The first step in creating a beautiful garden is to thin out the existing vegetation in your garden and remove any plants or flowers that you no longer want to keep. Spring gardening is all about wanting to start again and create something more beautiful than before. It’s therefore important to clear the ivy that spreads so quickly on the walls and dispose the weeds and small bushes. You’ll soon see what a big difference it makes.

Choose the style of your garden

It’s up to you to choose whatever plants and flowers you prefer for spring gardening but first, decide on what style you wish to create for your garden. Whether you add to add a contemporary, natural or rustic feel, know that your options are not at all limited. Make sure to choose only suitable plants that will enrich your garden, such as perennials or biennals. If you want to separate the spaces in your garden, consider planting a hedge. Even though some species can be difficult to cut, conifers are generally extremely easy to maintain and some require no maintenance work at all.

Paving the way to a fresh new start

A more affordable way to create elegant paving is to opt for Indian sandstones(£13 per square meter ). If you want to add a rustic touch to your Spring garden, mix 2 or three colors of Indian slabs. If you have a very low, know that gravels can instantly transform your garden and make it more welcoming and closer to the traditional style. If you are dealing with moss growing on your paving, use a special formula to get rid of the unwanted moss and prevent it from reappearing.

It’s planting time!

After you decided what vegetation you wish to plant in your garden, it’s time to start planting right away. Consider planting several types of flowers, shrubs, small bushes, etc. If you want your garden to look more traditional. Regarding spring gardening, know that illies are ideal plants because they will not only beautify your garden but they are strong plants that can tolerate dryness. When it comes to planting vegetables, try to plant them father apart from each other so you don’t have an overcrowded garden.