Should You Water Your Plants with Plain Tap Water?

Indoor plants bring us many benefits. Besides improving the interior decor of our house, they also improve the quality of air and make us more healthy. However, in order to take full advantage of their benefits, we need to learn how to take care of them. Watering plants should be done regularly, but keep in mind that plants are very picky about water quality.

Is tap water safe to use for watering indoor plants?

When it comes to watering your plants, you need to make sure that the water is free of additives such as chlorine and fluorine. Tap water undergoes a filtration process, after which harmful contaminants are removed. City water uses fluorine and chlorine to make the water more “clean”and safe to use. However, these two additives that are found in tap water can slow the growth process of plants and in some cases they can make plants wither and die very quickly. Indoor plants are also very sensitive to salts used for softening water and other chemicals that are invisible to the naked eye.

Is there any danger in using tap water on outdoor plants?

Indoor plants are definitely more sensitive to the additives used in tap water than outdoor plants. While using tap water for watering the plants in the garden is not as dangerous as using it on indoor plants, your vegetables, flowers and tree are still at risk from tap water. The chlorine will cause a great impact on the growth process of vegetation. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have a garden filtration system installed so that all chemicals and additives are entirely removed.

Rainwater as a better alternative

The answer is ‘yes’. Rainwater is a natural resource, deprived of dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, bleach or fluoride. During rainy days, you can place several buckets around the yard in order to collect as much rainwater as you need for watering the plants in your garden. There’s even a better alternative than rainwater. Well water is said to be better than rainwater because it contains minerals that are beneficial for both your indoor and outdoor plants.

How to combat water problems

To improve the water quality in your home is recommended to install a water filtration system. You may argue that city water is already filtered so there’s no use for another filtered system. Keep in mind that even after filtration, there are still high levels of chlorine and salts in tap water. If you read some reviews on, you will see that whole house water filters remove up to 99% of these additives and chemicals and leaves your water free of impurities, making it more safe to use for all purposes, including watering your plants.