Rental friendly interior design – Student accommodation apartments

It has come the time when you must fly from your nest and find an apartment to rent near your college campus. This is great, but many fear they won’t be pleased with the appearance of their new bedroom or living room. And we all know that landlords are not always opened to suggestions in terms of decorations or improvements. However, if you manage to find student accommodation Newcastle apartments, you should know there are some rental friendly ways to improve the aspect of your new location. Below are some ways to do so and leave a spotless apartment when you leave.

1. Apply removable wallpaper over white walls

Plain white walls are dreadful for many of us. However, in the late years, as a way to improve rented apartments, many have found that peel off wallpaper works wonders. Easy to apply and to remove, this type of wallpaper comes nowadays in stylish prints and at prices every student can afford. A good idea would be to pick two patterns you like and alternate them over a wall.

2. Paint it black. Or gold.

Sure, we are not talking about painting. We are talking about adhesive band that will help you upgrade your rental refrigerator or walls. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, and you can create original designs with them. Easy to apply and remove, as well as quite affordable, when you finish you contract you can leave the apartment spotless, just as you found it.

3. Upgrade your rental appliances

Stainless steel contact paper is a good way to turn that old and ugly refrigerator or oven into a modern and stylish one. Although they might work as good as new, you might want to get the feeling of a welcoming home when you step into your kitchen. Such contact paper costs around £5, and is easy to apply.

4. Change your showerhead and taps

We might not all afford to live in luxury, but we certainly can create the illusion we do.  A serious upgrade would be to change all the taps in your home. They are not as expensive as you might think and they will have a great impact on your kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, you might want to consider changing them for utility purposes. Many might not work as they should.

Here are some inexpensive and creative ways to upgrade your rental during college, to make it feel just like home.