Preparing Your Indoor Garden for a Small Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are quite uncommon and perhaps that this is the reason for which they are so special. Things could get even better when the small party is held in your beautiful indoor garden. It’s true that not that many people fit in such spaces, but in the end, the happy couple most likely wants a simple family get-together and nothing more. Still this does not mean that planning and decorating the indoor garden is not in order, quite the contrary actually. You will have to figure out a way to mix the entire wedding idea with the holiday spirit. A few good ideas and some great decorating pieces is all you need for a wedding of this kind to be a memorable, unique event.


Start by buying ribbons

There is no better way to express the joy and happiness of a couple in love that has just been married than by using ribbons when decorating the party space. If you want something truly specially, you might want to check the online market, as there are plenty of dedicated providers ready to share great ribbon collections like with customers. You need that blend between wedding ribbons and Christmas decorations. Big beautiful bows, coming in white and red combinations, simple or with joyful patterns, this is the kind of items you are looking for.


Table sitting plans and arrangements

Indoor gardens are usually designed to allow small get-togethers to take place, but you need adequate planning. It is very important to set up a table plan. Depending on the size and shape of the garden you can decide between round or square tables. Round tables are preferable, but it is not rule. It all depends on the space you have and of course the number of guests. You might think that since you are in the garden table arrangements are not necessary and you are right, at least not with flowers. Considering that you are hosting a winter wedding, you might want to place small candles tied with ribbons or ginger bread houses on the tables. These little details will indeed add a touch of originality to your event.


Lighting: the final touch

There is no wedding without proper lighting. If you have an indoor garden with trees, try to plant a few light bulbs in them. Also, you could hang them on the ceiling. The idea is not to have a lot of them. Keep the lighting a bit diffuse just to offer your event that romantic atmosphere.


Winter weddings are incredible. If you should happen to have an indoor garden with plenty of space to host an event, then don’t hesitate to host a wedding at home.