Porch Swing Bed Ideas

A great way to beautify your porch and to make it look really spectacular is to build a swing bed. Besides the gorgeous aspect, the swing bed will soon become your favorite place of the house where you can relax and enjoy a chill evening outdoors. With a little imagination, some handcrafting skills, and the right tools, you can create various swing bed shapes and designs.

Use an old bed to create a new swing bed

If you don’t have enough money to invest in a new bed, an old bed can be used to create the frame of the porch swing bed. Just make sure it is solid and it will hold the weight of those who will sit on it, otherwise someone could get hurt. If the frame is carved or decorated with sculptures or painted details, the bed will look very stylish. You can choose to keep its wooden aspect or you can paint it any color you want, preferably light colors that will cheer the porch. Once the frame is ready, you can hang it from the ceiling and for this you will need 4 strong hooks for the ceiling, another 4 for the bed frame and 4 pieces of thick rope. Make sure you secure the bed into place and you will have a great relaxing area on the porch.

Build a swing bed from wooden pallets

Another option to build a porch swing bed is to use wooden pallets that you can find at local warehouses at a small price. The pallets are great for bed frames as they are solid and can be positioned in any way you like. Depending on the size of the bed you want to obtain, you can use 3, 4 or 5 pallets and you can make a simple bed or one with a backrest. The hanging process is the same for any type of swing bed you build, but you can use rope or chains to hang it from the ceiling.

Invest in comfortable bedding

The mattress you use for the swing bed is very important because you want to obtain a functional bed where you can sit, relax or even take a nap. Therefore, invest in a quality mattress that will last longer and will be able to sustain your body weight without problems. Read some reviews in order to choose a good mattress. For quality, unbiased reviews, visit the bestmattress.guru site. Opt for an airy mattress that will allow the air to circulate inside it so that there will be no germs gathering inside.

Considering that you will place the mattress outdoors, buy a weatherproof cover that will protect the interior of the mattress and that you can easily remove and wash. A few pillows to increase the comfort will complete the swing bed decoration. If you suffer from allergies, you might want to buy some hypoallergenic pillows. The best ones are the ones with bamboo covers. You can find the best bamboo pillows reviewed on the BambooPillow.Reviews site. The great thing about bamboo is that it doesn’t just keep allergens at bay, but it also deflects heat, maintaining an even temperature, even in the hot summer days. This property makes bamboo pillows excellent for an outdoor bed.