Mistakes that People Do when Decorating Their Houses

For many people, decorating their houses is a challenging task because a series of important factors need to be taken into consideration in every phase of this process, from buying furniture to arranging the pieces in a specific style. Those who have still not find the right furniture in local physical stores should know that the online market might save their day and help them find what they are looking for. Websites such as F75.co.uk might be the right place to start the research. Below are some things anyone should avoid when it comes to interior design.


According to experts in interior design, scale is probably the number one mistake most people do when they decorate their houses. This happens because many people do not know exactly how to appreciate pieces of furniture and to visualize the way they would look like in the living room for instance before actually buying them. For this reason, many people have overcrowded rooms with large and bulky elements, which make the room seem smaller than it actually is. Others only opt for items of smaller sizes making it look poorly. You need to find a balance between these two and choose pieces of different heights, shapes and sizes.

Not measuring the room before buying furniture

This is another mistake people are prone to do. They feel enthusiastic and they want to spend money on various items that they fall immediately in love with the moment they see them in furniture showrooms. However, it is highly important to measure the room before you go shopping because you need to know the exact measurements in order to purchase furniture that fits your space. Moreover, in case you buy items that do not fit your environment, you should keep the receipt in order to take them back to the store and opt for something else instead.

Fabrics and textiles first, painting last!

Another big mistake people do when designing their homes is to start with painting the walls and leaving the fabrics and textiles for the last, which is totally wrong! You should first purchase the room’s main textiles and other fabrics, such as curtains and rugs. The reason is that you will definitely find the curtains and rugs you love and match the colour of your walls with these items easier than doing everything the other way round. It is advisable to choose the right furniture and other necessary textiles before you paint your walls because you can choose what you want without being forced to renounce to certain pieces because you have chosen a paint colour that does not match nearly anything.

Diversity is the key

You should not resort to only one place and purchase everything from there. Many furniture stores put at their clients’ disposal a wide variety of items with different colours, patterns and models from which you can choose. You can match your curtains you have bought from one store with rugs that you can find in another store, so feel free to visit more than one furniture showroom.