Minimalist Garden Design

Minimalist gardens may seem simple or boring to many people,but there are others who think they are stylish and incredibly beautiful. Typically,a minimalist garden can be a beautiful family garden and it provides a simple and peaceful outdoor space for your lifestyle.

Minimalist design ideas

First of all,you must decide if a minimalist garden is right for you. Usually,people who choose to have one are the people who are looking for a clean and low maintenance garden. People who travel frequently are likely to find this type of garden ideal. Plants are,indeed the key to a minimalist design. So,if you don’t know how to organize your small garden and if you want to give it an interesting design,here are some examples of minimalist garden designs.

1.Water channel

Adding a straight and narrow water channel that crosses the green parts of your garden,can leave an amazing minimalist impression.

2.Small trees

Planting some small trees on the wooden deck or on the paved parts of the garden can be a very creative idea for your small garden.

3.Concrete pavers

This is another great idea from a professional landscape architect,in case you have a small swimming pool or a small pond which you can cover by half with such kind of huge concrete pavers. It is a popular trend these days,indeed and a very interesting touch in your small garden.

4.Modern sculptures

There are lots of beautiful sculptures on the market which you can buy and make them part of your minimalist environment. You must have in mind all the time to keep it elegant and simple. If you want to underline the artful accents,then you can create water features around the sculptures.

5.Water pond

A small water pond in your small garden can give a charming look to your entire place. I would say it is more suitable for the people who usually hold night events in their gardens.

6.Rectangular piece of grass

You can easily find this type of grass in the shops which has a beautiful design and you can just place it one level above your garden area which has been already paved or covered with other materials such as wood,stone,concrete,pebbles,etc.

7.Water pool

You can choose a small water pool with a rectangular shape which gives it a straight look. It will be amazing and absolutely relaxing.

8. Water ponds

Have you ever thought about making one exactly in front of you door? Well,this sounds more like a challenge and you should really go for it because at the end of creating this huge water pond,the view in the garden with the silhouette of the house reflecting in the water and the pond itself will create a majestic impression.