Marquee hire – detailing the options

When planning an outdoor wedding, the venue is one of the most important aspects you should have in view, because there you will hold the reception, and you have to be sure that everything goes smoothly. What is amazing about having an outdoor wedding is that you only have to rent a marquee, and hire a catering company for providing you the food and drinks. You are the one who decides upon the place where you want to hold the event, and according to your budget you choose the caterer. But when it comes to marquee hire London, there are different models available, and you might find difficult to decide upon one, because you do not know their particular features. Here are some details that would help you understand better which one is the right one for your wedding.

Traditional marquee

This type of marquee is designed to feature poles, tent pegs and guy ropes for being lifted and kept upright. The traditional marquee is a great option for you, if you want to hold the event in your garden, and you have as a theme afternoon tea, because it would make your guests feel like they are taking part to a family party. You would not have difficulties in decorating it with flowers and similar accessories. For obtaining a quaint effect you can install inside wrought iron furniture. When having this type of marquee your guests would spend time both inside and outside. The only thing you should keep in mind is that this type is suited for a small wedding, but it offers you great flexibility because it could be open on the sides.

Tepee marquee

This type of marquee features interior ropes, exposed beams and it has a tripod arrangement of poles for offering it sustainability. The tepee marquee is an option for you if you want to organise a seaside wedding, or a barbeque themed event. In case you decide to have the reception outdoors, the marquee could be used to provide you shelter in case the weather is not as beautiful as you expected. You should consider that these marquees are not as formal as the traditional ones, so you have to decide the type of wedding you want to have before choosing the model of tent.

Indian marquee

What makes this type different is its interior, which is designed in an opulent and exotic way. It is the right choice for you if you want to have a venue decorated with Indian fabrics which flow alongside the walls, and flow from the ceiling. This type could be used also in the winter, because it creates a cosy and warm atmosphere. Depending on your preferences, these marquees could feature a traditional design or could be built with the help of a frame. In case you decide to have your wedding in the summer, and use this type of tent as venue, you should opt for an open canopy. Consider all the options before deciding upon one.