How to Grow Roses

Roses are indeed some of the most beautiful,gorgeous and traditional flowers that you can plant in your garden. They must be planted in a sunny spot with a good drainage and the only thing they really need is attention. If you want to plant roses and have them blossom to their full potential,you must follow some steps.

Choose the type of rose you want to plant

Any of them will be a beautiful addition to your garden but you must not forget to find out first which roses grow best in your region. Here are some examples of the most popular and beautiful roses:

  • Miniature roses
    These roses are the smallest ones and they can grow anywhere. They can be perfect for a small space.
  • Hybrid Tea
    This is one of the most popular type of roses which grow as upright bushes.
  • Climber roses
    This sort of roses add flavor and joy to any garden. They require less attention than others and they grow on a fence or a trellis.
  • Tree roses
    The tree rose needs more attention,but it looks absolutely stunning.
  • Floribunda
    These are the most colorful roses and can be grown individually.

Decide whether you want to plant bare root or container roses

It is very important to know what you want to plant because you will have to plant the roses differently. Obviously,both need to be planted into the ground,but you must choose what you want to plant so you will know how to plant them.

Bare root roses

You can plant these earlier in the growing season and if you plan them
at the right time and using the right method,they will grow much faster then the
container grown roses. Unfortunately,they won’t come with flowers on them.

Container grown roses

These roses already have flowers on them and they look more
beautiful. You must be very careful about growing them in true springtime because
they’re more likely to get nipped by frost.

Choose the planting site

  • The planting site will determine the fate of your roses. You must choose a good place for them in your garden,a place that gets around five or six hours of sunlight each
    day,especially in the morning.
  • The soil should have good drainage and before you plant the roses you must dig a hole and pour water into it to make sure it drains after a few hours.
  • If the climate is hot,then it must have some shade to protect them, and cold climates should have a warm fence to keep the roses from getting too cold.
  • You should avoid planting the roses near shrubs or trees.

Get the materials for planting roses

Here is everything you need:

  • pruning shears
  • gardening gloves
  • mulch
  • fertilizer
  • compost or rose planting mix
  • a shovel
  • a spade
  • a filled watering pot