How to Free Up Space in Your Garage

As your kids get older they gather more and more outdoor items, such as soccer equipment, bikes and jackets. As most people do, you probably store these items together with others that you have no more use for in the garage. While storing different items in the garage is not a problem in itself, it will definitely become one when belongings start to pile up and the space becomes a real mess. When tools and bikes prevent you from moving around, you know it’s time to take measures and clear the space. Not only will you have to reorganize the room and make it functional again, but you’ll also have to consider some sort of storage solution in order to optimize it.

Assess your priorities

The first thing to do is make a plan of the garage and determine how you want the space to function. In other words, you should decide if your main priority is making room to park the car or if you only need space for your seasonal items, such as gardening tools and sporting equipment. Once you’ve determined your priorities, you can start thinking about shelving ideas for garage or look for some ideas online. Some of these ideas may be quite out there, but you should know that with the right storage solutions you’ll certainly be able to make room for all your belongings. By installing suitable garage storage systems, you’ll free up plenty of space and the results will definitely be satisfying, as you could even turn the garage into an extra room if you wanted to.

The big clean-out

Taking into consideration that going through all the items takes a considerable amount of time, you should give this task a full day. When sorting through your stuff, consider making three piles: one for the things you are still keeping, one for the things you will either sell or donate, and finally a pile for the things that will be tossed away. You should definitely dispose of items such as outgrown toys and broken appliances. Instead of throwing them away, you should consider recycling them. You may be surprised to find out the value of the stuff that is cluttering your garage. Next, the items you do decide to keep should be further divided in broad categories, such as for instance clothes, decorations, sporting equipment, gardening and so on these categories will help you determine which shelving ideas for garage are actually feasible.

Replace french doors with a single upwards sliding door

If your garage has old french doors which open inwards, that is probably taking up a lot of your garage space, since you can store anything near the doors, in order not to block them. A single sliding door is a solution that will save you a lot of space. It is also easier to open, especially if you install an automatic garage door opener. If you want to see which are the most efficient garage door openers, go to and read some reviews. A garage door opener will also increase the security of your garage, since they are a lot more secure than classic locks which can be easily broken.

Choosing proper storage solutions

If what you need is to clear as much floor space as possible, then you have to hang as many items as possible on the walls. For all the rest, you need to consider shelving and if you’re dealing with heavy loads, then it’s wise to go for free standing units. The reason for this is that these units feature higher weight limits, meaning that they allow you to deposit heavy tools, cans of paint and other such items. Additionally, they provide more flexibility compared to other storage solutions, as you can move them around should your needs change.