How to Care for House Plants

Unlike the plants that grow outdoors and receive their water, light and nutrients from nature, the house plants count on you to deliver all these essential items to them. This article contains some useful pieces of information that will help you take proper care of your favorite houseplants.

Use a sensor to discover what the plants need

A USB sensor can be of great help if many of your house plants have died and you can’t figure out why. This type of sensor is inserted in the soil and it gathers information about the type of soil, its nutritional value and the level of water. Then you connect the sensor to your computer and you will be able to read the data so that you will know which is the condition of the soil and what you can do to improve it and keep the plants from dying.

Feed the soil with nutrients

Speaking of the soil that hold the plants, there are ways to make it more productive without treating it with chemical fertilizers. Many of your food remains like peelings or grounded coffee beans make great organic fertilizers that naturally boost the growth of the plants.

Offer your plants light

One of the most common problems house plants have is that the are not getting enough sun as they are placed in a closed area. Given that light is very important for the photosynthesis of the plants, you have to tr hard to offer your house plants enough light and if sunlight can’t reach the plants, you can use led grow lights. These light systems use led bulbs to create a full spectrum of light that will encourage the plants to grow, to bloom and to flower.

Water the plants correctly

Plants need water in different amounts and you should take this into account next time you soak all your plants in water. Put the plants in pots with at least one hole at the bottom and add water to the pot until water comes out through the bottom, but don, fill the plate that holds the pot or the roots will rot. Large pots will hold the water for more days, therefore you will water them less often than small pots.

Kill the pests

The plants pests, or tiny insects that eat the plant and cause it to wither, must be removed before the damage to the plant is irreversible. If your plants develop pests, discover what type is it and treat the plant with special pesticides you can make yourself from garlic, lemon, spices, eucalyptus oils or salt.