Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras that Look Like Garden Decorations

Outdoor security cameras are used to improve the level of safety of a yard and to keep intruders away from the property. Seeing a security camera can discourage potential burglars, but it can also make them more alert and they can look for ways to defeat the cameras, to jam them or to stay out of their recording area. The hidden outdoor cameras have the advantage of being invisible to burglars while keeping an eye on your yard and letting you know if something strange is happening. Moreover, the hidden cameras that look like garden decorations can blend into the decor and the intruders will not even know they are being watched.

Cactus plant hidden camera

The camera hidden in this flower pot is a high-quality one that records images of 720p resolution with a 90º field of view. The camera can be used both during the day and night thanks to the infrared feature that adapts to the lighting conditions. The camera also offers a motion sensor that can be adjusted according to sensitivity and it can ignore unwanted triggers like a rotating fan. The images are stored on a 64GB memory card so you can watch them later. The battery can be recharged and it lasts 20 hours of continuous recording and has a 1-year standby time. Place the cactus in your garden and make sure you don’t put water directly on it, as it is weather resistant not waterproof.

Garden hose and reel hidden camera

This type of hidden camera will surely match your garden and will not arouse suspicions once you install it. The camera can record in daylight and at night due to the night vision feature and it also includes a sensor motion feature that activates when it detects motion. The images are stored on a hidden 32GB memory card and you have the freedom to playback them when you watch the footage. The IR remote control feature allows you to arm and disarm the unit from a distance. The kit includes a 7” portable LCD monitor you can use to watch the videos recorded by the camera.

Rock hidden camera

Nothing could blend in the garden decor better than a hidden camera that looks like a rock. The 4 HD resolution cameras of this device offer a full 360º angle of view for maximum protection. The 64GB card supports 320 hours of recording and the battery lasts for 20 hours of continuous recording before it can be recharged. The rock camera included important features like night vision, motion sensor, IR remote control to arm and disarm it, and embedded time and date stamp for maximum accuracy. While these cameras are reasonably efficient in monitoring your home, for complete protection, you will also need a bigger camera, one which will be more difficult to hide, but which will offer other benefits.