Green Beauty Gadgets

If you want to look beautiful and make an impression everywhere you go, whether it’s work, school or an important meeting, then you should invest in some good-quality beauty tools. There are many types of styling tools available on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages so it’s not that hard to decide which one to buy. However, if you are frugal and you also care about the effects that these styling tools could have upon the environment, we’ll help you find the best Eco-friendly beauty gadget.

Croc Greenion Flat Iron

Do you have naturally curly or wavy hair and you are willing to make a change? If you straighten your hair you can look like a different person. However, you can achieve the best results by using the best straightener that doesn’t damage the environment. The Croc Greenion Flat Iron is a good styling tool that uses the Greenion technology, which was designed to reach into the cuticle of the hair to adjust the moisture content and thus leaving your hair shiny and very smooth. In addition, your hair will grow faster and healthier after using this flat iron, because it protects the hair cuticle from high heat. That being said, it is no doubt that this is the best straightener of the moment.

Solar Powered Electric Shaver

Gentlemen can use a solar powered electric shaver for various reasons. First of all, it’s the best tool for those of you who tend to travel a lot so you can now shave wherever you are, without having to bring an adapter with you or use specific batteries. Secondly, by using an electric shaver that charges from sunlight or mains you will manage to lower the energy bills because there will be no need to use electricity to charge your shaver. This compact beauty gadget comes with an integrated solar panel, so you must leave in the sun to charge for 8 to 12 hours before you use it.

ECO 8000 Eco-Friendly Blow Dryer

Nowadays, blow dryers come with many technologies and features to ensure that your hair stays protected during the blow drying process. We like the ECO 8000 Eco-Friendly Blow Dryer because it’s designed in a way to help you save 40% more electricity. Actually, this is the only dryer currently available on the consumer market that uses a ceramic heating element and not coil heating elements, as features at traditional dryers. As you probably already know, ceramic technology helps protects the hair cuticle from heat damage so your hair will not break anymore, now that you are using an Eco-friendly blow dryer with ceramic technology.

As you can see, green solutions can be found even in the beauty industry. If you care for the environment and you want to discover even more simple tips in which you can protect the environment, visit There, you will find countless green living tips that will teach you how to protect the planet with simple everyday choices.