Gorgeous Shabby Chic Patio Design Ideas

The shabby chic style is a delicate way to decorate any part of your house and it has been adapted even to the outdoor environment. More and more people choose this beautiful style if they want to create an outdoor space that is comfortable and elegant without being too sophisticated. Discover in the following article which are the elements that should be included in a shabby chic patio and how you can achieve that shabby elegance.

A combination of pastel colors

The best way to create a shabby décor is to use soft and delicate colors like pastels, nudes and a lot of white. The white furniture is a trademark of this style and you can create a shabby chic patio if you build a suspended bed and a small coffee table with sculptured legs. Although it may look very simple, these pieces of furniture will add style to the patio along with some delicate decorations like a white candelabra and some glass jars filled with flowers.

Refurbished old furniture

If you have enough space, you can create a separate eating corner using a shabby chic table and some aged chairs. The worn aspect of the furniture is what gives it the shabby elegance and the multiple shapes of the chairs make the corner look even more interesting. The green paint completes the outdoor décor and the plant pots on the table make it resemble a corner of nature.

A heater matched to the décor

If you have a covered patio, you can enjoy it even in cold days of winter if you use a heater that will warm the ambiance. Since you want to create a shabby chic patio, the heater you use must resemble the style and must not be too high-tech, so an infrared heater with a white wooden housing that will match the furniture is the perfect item. This heater will raise the temperature on your porch by emitting waves of heat that warm the objects and bodies and not the air, which means there will be less warmth lost through currents of air on the patio.

As much floral print as possible

The floral print is a must when you are trying to decorate a shabby chic patio and it can be used anywhere, from the pillows on the chairs to the tea cups you place on the table. Use pastel colors like pink, blues, yellow and green on anything and place many flower vases all over the patio to create a delicate and relaxing place.