Gardening and a Perfect Manicure: Is It Possible?

As you know very well, gardening has turned into a real passion women in general share. There is only one problem that seems to be bothering female gardeners. Whatever they do, it seems that they just cannot have a perfect manicure. So, there may come a time at which they will have to choose between gardening or their manicure. You might find this hard to believe, but there is a way you could have them both. You just need to concentrate on a few aspects. Here they are.


Choosing the salon wisely


The quality of your manicure depends greatly on the experts who will be attending you. Before you make an appointment, you have to make sure that you are familiar with the beauty salon Leeds market and confident that you have indeed chosen the right option for your needs. Compare your options adequately, focus on what interests you most and you should have no problems finding a real expert to give that perfect manicure.


Nail polish tips and tricks


When you have finally arrived at that salon, you need to tell the expert who will be handling you that you are a dedicated gardener in your spare time. If you have come to the right place, the expert will know the following trick to help you keep that nail polish where it belongs for a longer period of time. To keep your manicure intact, make sure that an extra layer of nail lacquer is added. Also a nail polish base might be in order. This offers your manicure protection. If the specialist is unaware of this trick, then you can either share it with her or apply the lacquer all by yourself, as soon as you get home.


Quality comes first


In your gardening activities, you are using all sorts of products that could easily attack your manicure. Even though it is recommended that gardeners use gloves, sometimes feeling the earth and plants bare handed is just what you garden needs. Flowers are highly responsive to touch, but throughout the process, your manicure could be severely damaged. So, when visiting a dedicated salon, you have to make sure that only high quality nail polish brands are used. When it comes to nail polish, quality often stands for resistance, so you need to focus of such dedicated brands.


Soft hands


This is certainly one point women must not miss out on. A perfect manicure is not just about nail polish or lacquer. Beautiful and soft hands are just as important. Surely, as you know, gardening can sometimes affect your skin. This is the price you pay for beautiful flowers. At nail salons your hands are rubbed with abrasive lotions, meant to clean them of dead skin. Afterwards, nourishing hand cream is applied, softening your skin. You could do this step at home, simply by purchasing professional products.


As you can see, you can take care of your garden and at the same time, have a perfect manicure. It is really a question of will and determination more than anything else.