Front Yard Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is one of the most loved holiday all around the world, regardless of age. Every year families and friends gather around the Christmas tree to tell fun stories and play all sorts of games. If you want to make a first good impression on your guests when they gather in your front yard folow these simple tips.

Christmas lights

If you are trying to find ways to bring back the holiday spirit and make your front yard more “christmas-ish” know that by simply installing lights you already turn your front yard and house into a magical domain. Whether you choose to decorate the windows or decorate the entire porch, make sure to install plenty of lights of different sizes and colors. A great tip is to program your lights to light up on their own to music. The general rule, when it comes to installing Christmas lights in your front yard is to experiment with the options that you have available.

Welcoming doormats

Even if most people tend to ignore these step, keep in mind that welcoming doormats serves several purposes. Firstly, a colored Christmas doormat can improve the overall decor of the front yard and add a touch of color. Secondly, during Christmas you’ll have more visitors than never, so placing a doormat on the front porch seems like a normal thing to do. This way, your house stays clean for longer.

Use evergreens for Christmas decorations

Christmas wreaths are one of the most classic Christmas decorations, as well as garlands. The best part of decorating your front yard with wreaths and garlands is that you can experiment with different types and colors. Avoid artificial or plastic wreaths and garlands. Instead, opt for decorations made from evergreens because as you probably already know, evergreens are made to withstand the harshest winter so they symbolize strength. Use red bows and lights to add a festive look to your evergreens.

Santa Claus is coming to town..

For your chosen theme, add 3D figures to sit in your front yard and welcome your guests. Keep Santa Claus and his reindeers on your porch, as well as Frosty the Snowman or other characters from movies, such as Grinch. You can find most of these figures at bigger stores but if you want to score a better deal, visit websites that offer discounts or special offers. Lastly, place a big Christmas tree outside and decorate the tree with ribbons, lights and all sorts of ornaments.