Front Garden Halloween Decor

On Halloween have pumpkins, skeletons and lanterns to accompany the vegetables and flowers from your front garden. Most of Halloween decorations are very expensive, even if your order them online, so it’s much more fun to prepare the decoration yourself using recycled materials. If you are looking for fresh ideas that are at the same time cheap and fun, read the article below.

Creepy cemetery

Using some tombstones, one can easily transform the yard or garden in a scary cemetery. To get started, you’ll need several boxes. Draw the contours of the tombstone on the cardboard. Carefully cut out the pattern and paint the cardboard grey. After it’s dry, write ‘RIP’ or other messages of your choice with black paint or with a back pen and paint the edges of the tombstone white to give it a more authentic look. Glue a wooden stick to the bottom of the cardboard tombstones so that it doesn’t go anywhere. You can also cover the tombstone with waterproofing coatings in order to protect it from harsh weather.

Scary trees

If you have trees in your front garden, you can scare the guests for the Halloween party without having to buy expensive Halloween figures. Add faces to trees and turn them into monstrous ents who are trying to invade the garden. Make eyes, a nose and a mouth for each tree out of clay.
If you are more skilled, don’t forget to add details such as the nostrils, eyes and teeth. Use tape on both sides to attach the elements on the trees.


Obviously, the Halloween celebration can not continue without the famous carved pumpkin. If you want to create a DIY decoration and preserve it for the following years, here’s an useful tip. Buy decorative artificial pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. Draw the image you want to achieve on one side of the pumpkin. Do not be afraid to experiment! Besides the typical and common faces you can also create mummies, ghosts, vampires and other scary thing. Use a sharp knife to cut the selected design and cut the head of the pumpkin to create an opening to insert the lighting. Use small LED lamps, lanterns or rechargeable electric candles to illuminate the pumpkin from the inside.

Specimen jars

This is a fun Halloween decoration that you can use inside the home as well as in the front garden.
Pick up of empty glass jars in different sizes and shapes and use gruesome details for each recipients- small rubber spiders, artificial fingers, scary toys, even the arms and legs of dolls and place the jars on the front porch. Fill them with water and add one or two drops of red or green coloring to imitate blood or poison. You can also illuminate the jars from behind with LED lamps.