Factors that Impact Chimney Repair Costs

Neglected chimneys and stacks represent a great danger, as heavy chunks can get dislodged by storms and come crashing down, which certainly isn’t a risk you’d want to take. However, most people are reluctant to get their chimney inspected and repaired, as they are under the impression that these services are very expensive. In fact, chimney repairs in Ottawa are not all that costly, especially if you look for the right provider and if you don’t wait until the very last minute. There are several factors that can have an impact on the cost of the repairs and below you’ll find the most important ones.


Apart from the actual work that the repairmen are doing, which is the core of the service, they need access equipment, the most prominent of which is scaffolding. This is not necessarily a factor that impact the cost of the service, but rather a factor that you should take into account, when comparing prices of chimney repairs in Ottawa, because most often than not, the cost of the equipment is not included in the price of the service and needs to be added. It’s good to know that this type of equipment can usually be hired for set periods of time, however, if you want no hassle, then you should look for suppliers that provide scaffolding as well, in which case this will reflect in the price of their service.



Another factor that will influence the overall cost of chimney repairs in Ottawa is their position on the roof. Obviously, if your chimney is located lower down, for instance at the eaves level, then the work will need less scaffolding than if your chimney was located at ridge height. This is why, when looking for providers and comparing prices, it’s important to keep in mind the particularities of your situation and not let the experience of others influence you, as their chimney repair might have involved a totally different approach.

Nature of Repair


It is very clear that repointing a lower-level eaves chimney is very different than completely rebuilding a ridge chimney, as the work load is different and so is the approach. To that extent, the first will cost a lot less than the latter, which is why it is wise not to leave your repairs on the last minute, as the deeper the damage, the higher the cost.