Creative ideas to use personalised ribbon at a wedding

There are plenty of things to consider when organising a wedding, and almost every one of them requires money. At a certain point you might even notice, that you would have to delete from your list some of the things, because your budget does not allow you to have them. Some of the biggest expenses for the wedding are the dress and flowers, because you might like a certain model, and you would not feel comfortable in anything else, so you would have to pay more for buying that particular one. The same situation with the flowers, because you will realise that you have to also buy flower arrangements for the tables, and for the ceremony location. Therefore, you will totally love the following ideas of using personalised wedding ribbon, because they would help you save a lot of money.

Bride and Groom chairs

The restaurant or marquee provider might offer you chair covers, but for yours and your partner, you have to buy some special cards on which to write Mr and Mrs, or some special messages. These cards might cost a lot of money, if you purchase them from specialised websites, but if you purchase some wider stripes of ribbon from an online store, you will get them at a cheaper price, and you will only have to print them at a local centre.


If you have many guests at your wedding, you will realise at a certain point that you will have to pay a lot of money if it were to buy every one of them a favour. Therefore, you have to find a way to thank them for attending your wedding, but without spending your entire budget on favours. You have the possibility to collect all the old keys and other old small items you do not use anymore, tie them with a small ribbon bow, and attach them a small piece of paper, with your names on it.

Flower arrangements

When you create the flower bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, you should consider tying their stems with stripes of ribbon. You can choose a customised model, with hearts or flowers, or even messages, because there are plenty of types on the market. You have the possibility to tie the ribbon in a bow, or you can let it loose, to flow as a cascade from the stems of the flowers.