Common fears parents of study abroad students have

Study abroad is a decision that will have a great impact on your child for the rest of his or her life. Whether it is the first time or not your child goes abroad, you, as a parent, might still have some concerns about the fact that they will be far away from you. Parents encounter various fears when their children decide to go and study abroad and one of them is related to finding proper student accommodation Nottingham where their children should spend the following study years. Here is a list of the most common fears parents of study abroad students have.

To stay safe abroad

With all the unfortunate events that are happening all over the world, it is for sure that parents tend to keep their children as close to them as possible and feel reticent when their children admit they want to go and study abroad. However, most study abroad experiences students have are incident-free. In order to feel more comfortable about this situation, both parents and children should spend some time and learn more about the new host country. Things such as embassy locations, local laws or other customs might be quite helpful to know.

Keeping in touch

Another great fear parents have when their children go to study abroad is the way and how often they are going to communicate. International calls are quite expensive, so talking to your child twice or more a day in such case might not be the best option. Purchasing a foreign SIM card the moment students arrive to their host country is a good option to keep in touch with your children, but this will only work if their phone is “unlocked”. The best solution in this case is to use the Internet. Creating a Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook account is free and you can keep in touch with your children more easily this way. You do not have to worry about not communicating long enough with your children while they study abroad any more.

Paying for the study abroad program

Some parents are completely into letting their children study abroad until they see the price tag for this. It is true that some programs might be quite expensive and some parents cannot afford paying for them. However, this aspect should not discourage parents and children aside, since there are many colleges and universities worldwide that offer scholarships for teenagers who want to apply for some study abroad programs. If studying abroad is your child’s dream, you should look for numerous methods that you could raise money to help him or her fulfil this desire.

As you can see, these are the most common fears parents of study abroad teenagers have. It is important to let your child go overseas and follow his or her dream, because this will help them reach success in the domain they love the most, not to mention that it will help them grow up having wider horizons and coming in contact with people from various cultures.