Celebrating Your Marriage Anniversary in Beautiful Puerto Plata

Celebrating your marriage anniversary is an important moment and you should treat it accordingly. If you really want to surprise your partner and have the chance to build great memories, then you need to pack your bags and hop on the first plane to the incredible Puerto Plata. One of the largest cities in the Dominican Republic, this location will provide you with a long list of truly exceptional tours, helping you and your partner enjoy the special moment you are celebrating. If you have not heard of this location before, then you might be interested in discovering some of the things to do in Puerto Plata.

Snorkeling and boat rides

If you and your partner are outdoor lovers, then a bit of snorkeling in Puerto Plata is exactly the fun you want to have. The Caribbean Sea has extraordinary snorkeling spots, where tourist can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the marine life. To make things even more interesting, you could take your partner and hop on one of the many catamaran boats, ready to take you in the middle of the sea where you could witness the impressive corals or the colorful tropical fish. This tour is exactly the combination of outdoor fun and excitement you need to begin your trip in Puerto Plata.


Discovering fascinating locations

Puerto Plata is the ideal destination for a summer vacation because it can offer tourists all sorts of amazing landscapes. When traveling to this location, you will have the chance to visit Paradise Island. This spot in known everywhere in the world, being considered heaven on earth hence the name. You need to sign in a well-planned tour, as there is no other way to reach the island than by boat. Once you arrive there, you can start enjoying fishing, swimming, tanning and snorkeling.


Getting to know Puerto Plata


A trip here should include a visit in the city. Puerto Plata is a great city, where tourists have a lot of to see, both in terms of sightseeing as well as nightlife. You could dine in amazing looking restaurants and try the traditional food, while enjoying magnificent shows. If you are up for a casino night experience, then you need to witness the Bravissimo Show.


Puerto Plata can be a great holiday destination, having much to offer its tourists. Make sure you find a trustworthy tour operator and try as many trips as you can. This is the only way you will get to discover the beautiful Puerto Plata.