Buying a New Boiler? What Options Do You Have?

When building a new house, the owner has to think about what heating options he has. One of the answers at this question is a boiler. A boiler is a closed vessel in which steam is generated from water to supply heat or to drive engines or turbines. If you want to buy a new boiler, or to undergo repairs of the old one, you will need to contact a boiler servicing London company who can help you install it correctly. There are several types of boilers from which you can choose.

Fire-tube Boilers

In this type of devices gases pass through the tubes and the water from the shell side is converted into steam. They have a simple construction and do not need a rigid water treatment. The flue gases from the burner are directed trough tubes which are surrounded by the fluid to be heated. Usually, the fluid is water. The advantages of this type of boilers are that are easy to clean, small in size, easy replaceable tubes and, are not expensive. They can be operated with gas, oil or solid fuels.


Water tube boilers

In this type of devices the water flows through the tubes and enters the drum. They need less time to raise steam pressure and have flexibility in responding to load changes. The water flows through the tubes, is heated and converted into steam in the drum. They are used more in industrial processes than in heating applications, and are able to handle pressures higher than 5,000 psig and the ability to reach high temperatures.

Condensing boilers

This type of heating device is more energy-efficient that the gas one, because it has two chambers that work, one that heats up water and the other one that uses the remaining heat  to hot up the water which comes back from the heating system. The most popular type of condensing boiler is the combi version, which includes the cold water tank and the hot water unit.


Oil boilers

They are an alternative at the gas ones, and are used by the people who are not connected to gas. Their system is similar to the traditional ones, but use oil rather than gas, to heat the water. The difference made by this type of boiler is that the owner of them has to have an oil supply stored in a tank. They provide heating via radiators found in the owner house.


Biomass boilers

They are also called wood boilers, and are the main alternative for gas ones. They are the cheap alternative in comparison to oil boilers and use as a fuel the carbon dioxide given by the wood pellets. This type of device is bigger than the other types, and it will need a special place to store the heating fuel. Also, the buyer of it has to build a chimney, which has to be maintained by keeping it clean.


When planning to buy a boiler, the future owner has to revise all his options and to choose the one that best fits its needs and purposes. Also, he has to book a boiler servicing company to install and check it periodically.