Benefits of Granite Tiling

Choosing the right types of tiles for one’s home can be a tough decision. It may not rank as high as choosing the bed for the master bedroom or the colour of the walls, but it’s still a pretty important decision to be made, especially considering that tiles are used not just for flooring, but also for countertops and walls. There are many options to take into account and many factors to consider, but out of all the alternatives, granite sure stands tall. There are also several Ottawa granite tiling companies, so be sure to research the market carefully before making your investment.

  1. Hardness


As very well known, granite is a material that features supreme hardness, which means it will probably be the most durable option you’ll find out there. Whether you are considering tiles for the bathroom floors or kitchen countertops, it will be hard to beat granite on durability and also scratch-resistance, which is a crucial factor for countertops, especially for high traffic kitchens. If you’re looking to make this sort of remodelling only once or twice, then start looking for Ottawa granite suppliers.


2. Unique aesthetics


Granite has a very exclusive patterning, with its speckled appearance and this is a very eye-catching feature. What’s even more interesting is that every batch has a distinctive pattern, so you’ll be sure to have a unique countertop. Granite is also available in a variety of colours and patterns, which means you’ll easily find tiling to match your home design no matter what.High resistance


Apart from being resistant to scratched and stains, which is a great advantage in itself, granite is also heat resistant, which makes it a valuable asset to a kitchen design. While slaving over incredibly hot pots and pans in the kitchen, you can be sure to lay them down anywhere on the countertop, without worrying about ruining it. This is a very important quality when it comes to tiling, not just for countertops, but for your floors as well.


3. Structural strength


Granite is not only heat resistant or hard, it’s got a structural strength that will make your tiling last almost forever. Nevertheless, the quality of the manufacturing process and the installation are also important, which is why it’s very important to choose an experienced and professional Ottawa granite tiling company. You can start researching companies online, but it’s best to visit their showrooms as well, to see samples of the granite batches.