A More Natural Approach to Treating Pain

Complaints about back and neck pain are not out of the ordinary, especially with older people.  Unusual is when the pain does not go away after six weeks or even after a year. This is chronic pain and those who are unlucky enough to experience it know how uncomfortable it can be. The pain becomes so acute that you can treat it only with pain medication. The downside of medication is that it relieves the pain, but it causes imbalances in the body and actually weakens the immune system. A natural alternative to pain medication is bodywork physiotherapy, which is largely considered an alternative type of treatment since it is not scientifically based. Nonetheless, the results are spectacular and you avoid the addictive use of pain medication.

Bad knees cured

The standard cure for osteoarthritic knees is obviously arthroscopic surgery, but thanks to physiotherapy, surgery is out of the question. Physio improves the flexibility of the arthritic joints through exercise. Even though many people consider physical therapy an alternative form of treatment and consequently not scientifically based, the truth is that professionals first diagnose and then treat. This means that they are capable of identifying the origin of pain, like muscle tightness for example, without resorting to invasive measures and cure it with mobility and stretching exercises. To identify issues such as muscle tightness, physical therapists use advanced diagnostic techniques such as biomechanical assessments to see how much the joints move. The reason why the pain treatments are so efficient is that they look at the ins and outs.

Pelvic floor disorders

Pregnancy, childbirth and abdominal surgery are responsible for pelvic floor disorders. What happens is that the pelvic floor muscles have a double function: supporting the spine and the abdominal organs. In addition to these two, pelvic floor muscles participate in the sexual function, as well as the functioning of the bladder and the bowel. It is pretty clear that the pelvic floor muscles have a complex role to perform. Any dysfunction of these muscles results in painful intercourse, urinary incontinence and many others. To treat all these conditions, practitioners use a massage technique that helps relieve spasms.

Back pain gone

Back pain is one of the most frequent conditions that affect the average person. The reason for this is that people either overwork themselves or they do not sit straight. In this case, physical therapists resort to a more complex approach, meaning that they focus on weight management (which applies stress on the joints) and muscle straightening, a common procedure for enhancing mobility and preventing the recurrence of pain. A series of dynamic exercises is also performed to modify the coordination of the muscles.