5 Reasons why You Should Never Buy Bottled Water

Although it’s been advertised as healthy and great water, bottled water is not actually far from the tap water in your home, only dressed nicer. Buying bottled water really doesn’t offer you many advantages so you can’t consider it a real improvement in your diet. If you are not convinced on these facts, we present you the 5 most important reasons why you should never buy bottled water.

It’s not environmentally friendly

Buying bottled water means you will add to the garbage you throw even more useless items that end up damaging the environment. Once the water in your bottle is over, you have to throw away the bottle so you will create more residues that end up in the soil or in the waters, hurting the living beings that habit there. If you also consider the oils required for making the bottles and the costs for it to get in stores, buying bottled water is not environment-friendly at all.

It’s very expensive

You will be surprised to see how expensive bottled water can be although it’s just water. The prices get extremely high if we are talking about a popular brand with high production costs, the publicity, and other expenses implied. At the end of the day, you will notice you have spent tens of dollars on plain water in a fancy bottle.

You don’t know the source for certain

There were many cases when manufacturers put simple tap water in bottles and sold it as purified water, which is not something you will want to experience. You can not be certain where the bottled water comes from and which was the process used for bottling it, which makes it not so safe for drinking.

The plastic of the bottle is not safe

The main concern regarding bottled water is the plastic used in making the bottles, which often contains harmful toxins and chemical substances. The toxins in the plastic can easily get into the water during the long period of tine the water spends inside the plastic bottle. This makes the bottle a real threat to your health due to all the chemicals that can get inside your body.

It has little to no advantages

When you think it through, you will discover that drinking bottled water is far from being convenient or safe, which makes it a questionable choice. Instead of spending money on bottled water that hardly brings you any advantages, you should consider installing a water filter. This device will make sure you are drinking pure and clean water that will improve your health. On waterfiltration.reviews you can find more details about the best rated water filters that can be found on the market. Read several filter reviews and choose a powerful filter that can handle your needs. This way, you will save a lot of money on bottled water, and you will also protect the environment.