Why Buying a House with a Garden It’s Important

Buying a house is such an important decision. There are so many factors to take into account and so many details to consider that the whole process can become quite overwhelming. This is why so many people spend a lot of time in search for the best mortgage broker, a good example being NicoleDrummond.ca, so that their chances of finding the best suitable property increase. In this hunt for the best location, the right number of bedrooms, the correct price and mortgage deal, a lot of families overlook an important element: the garden. Many think that having or not having a garden isn’t really a deal breaker when buying a house, but the truth is having one is very important and below you’ll be able to read about the reasons why.

  1. A garden equals fresh air

This is particularly important if you live in the city, but it matters jus as much if you live on the outskirts as well. Having a garden means you have a space where you can relax and enjoy some fresh air, which is especially important for the kids. Instead of going to the park once a week or even less, you can spend all your afternoons in the oasis of your own garden. Kids today spend so much time indoors, playing video games or browsing the Internet on their tablets, so having an easy access to outdoor activities can really make a difference.


  1. A garden equals fresh produce

If you like the idea of organic fruits and vegetables, then buying a house with a garden gives you the chance to grow your own. Whether it’s just a couple of seedlings in a corner or you choose to transform the entire garden into a vegetable field, this will certainly come in handy and help you cook healthy meals for your family. In addition, taking care of your crops can be a fun activity to do with your kids, teaching them all about nature and the importance of spending time outdoors.


  1. A garden equals more space

From a property point of view, a house with a garden is a house with bigger square footage and you can use that to any intent. You can transform your garden in a relaxing oasis where you and your family can enjoy fresh air and outdoor games, you can turn it into a productive vegetable or fruit garden or you can use it as an extension to the house, such as building a conservatory or using it for dinner parties. If you have a celebration with more guests than your house could accommodate, then having a garden with twinkling lights, a raised dining area and garden heaters will certainly do the trick.