Use embossing powders to customize the wedding cards and invitations

Nowadays more and more brides-to-be prefer to make their own wedding cards and invitations, because in this way they will obtain exactly the result they want, and they will be able to save money. You should know that when you ask a professional company to design for you all the invitations and cards, they would provide them at a higher price, especially if you want a personalised model. However, this should not be the case, because you can buy the envelopes from an online supplies store, which will provide them at an affordable price, because you buy a large amount. From the same place, you can buy the other supplies as embossing powders, to create and customise the wedding cards and invitations.

What do I need when I craft my wedding cards and invitations

If you have no idea what items you should buy, you do not have to worry because in a specialised craft supplies store you will find all the products you might need. You should start with choosing the paper for the cards and invitations, because you have to decide upon the size, colour and if you want to use the same type of paper for both of them. After deciding this aspect, you should take a look at the accessories you can use to customise them, because for example if you use stamps, you can also buy embossing powders to transform the invitations into glam pieces of art. Depending on the colour you have chosen for the paper and stamps, you can go on a shade of the same colour for the embossing powders, or you can choose a different one. After deciding upon the look of the cards and invitations, you should take a look at the envelopes, because you have to be sure that you find online some matching envelopes for your invitations. It is advisable to buy the envelopes from the same store you buy the other supplies, because in this way you might obtain some discounts.

How can I personalise the cards and wedding invitations

One way of personalising the wedding invitations is to use one of your pictures on it, but this would mean that you might have to spend an extra amount of money. Therefore, you can choose the simple option, and you can select the invitations in a colour that you like, and print on them a quote that has meaning to you. Some couples even choose to share a short variant of their love story, so it all depends on you. You can use the cards to point your guests their table places, or you can use them as favours. There is no more simple way of making the favours, because you can write a personalised quote for every one of your guests, and attach to them a candy, for example. In this way you, not only that save money by making by yourself the wedding invitations, but you also save money with the favours.