Start-up guide for 5 aside football players


So you are interested in playing 5 aside football. First things first, know that this comes with a series of great benefits and probably the most important ones are related to improving your health condition. You will have better blood circulation, you will be in greater body shape and you will improve your existing skills and develop some new ones. If you are interested in the best places where to play 5 aside football in London and in other things every beginner player of 5 aside football needs to know it is mandatory you read the article below.

Choose the best sports facility centre

The first thing you have to do the moment you decide to take up on 5 aside football is to look for the best school or sports facility centre in your region. This means you may have to spend some time browsing the Internet and searching for the right one to choose. Keep in mind several important criteria, such as the location of the school and how far it is from your home or workplace, the history that school has in this field and how trained coaches are. If you intend to become a professional player, make sure you go for the best one.

Invest in proper equipment

Having the right clothes and the right pair of trainers is essential in football, because you need to feel comfortable, flexible and relaxed during the entire game. Whether you want to master 5 aside football and become a pro or you want to keep everything at an amateur level, you probably want to give your best in the field and win the game, which means that you still need to invest some money in clothing and shoes.

Establish the best tactics

Every game is important and all players have the same goal – to win. Sometime before the game it is best to establish together with your teammates the best strategy and tactics to apply in the game, since this way chances for your team to succeed against the opposing one significantly increase.

Practise your gaming

Playing 5 aside football as often as possible not only keeps you in great body shape, but also improves your gaming skills and helps you acquire some new ones. Better concentration, faster reaction time and developed team spirit are only some of the benefits that this type of sport can bring, which also help you outside the field.